How it's different?

This hosting service isn’t driven by money like in other hosting companies. The quality is the most important thing here. The server is running the newest version of CloudLinux and Litespeed Technology.Thanks to our advanced configuration it’s really really fast! It’s a premium solution and we limit the amount of the websites on each server so it won’t slow down on peak time.

Nice, Anything else?

Everything! To start we offer you a 20GB of a super-fast disk. You will get also CDN, SSL certificate, caching system, image optimization service, monthly backup, and full support.

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How to switch?

All you have to do is share your current hosting and wordpress detail and I will do it all for you without any hassel! If you are geek like me I can help guide you as to what I doing for you. Once its all done you will get a fully working cPanel with access to all the services you want with No limits – It’s that easy!